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    If you are still receiving the API Request error in your activity, please try the steps below under the heading “Instructions.”  If the issue persists, your Instagram accounts trust score is permitting your account to run consistent actions & we will need to apply an updated version of mass voting/story engager to your dashboard, which can take up to 2-5 days (we’ll compensate for any downtime, don’t worry). I want to make sure we troubleshoot the steps below first.

    Based on an Instagram account’s past use with automation services that were not API compliant with Instagram, purchasing fake likes/followers, or any other growth hack method that Instagram’s AI intelligence flagged, it has affected your trust score in some way.

    Also, your trust score is positively affected by how active you are on Instagram. If you don’t post consistently, engage with users’ content, post-Instagram stories, etc., this affects you. Our verified (blue tick) clients are running 40k-75k actions daily, which is because their trust score is through the roof.

    Unfortunately, there is no way to view an accounts trust score; however, our development team has told us that if you have these API issues, it’s due to this, as we have a majority of our clients maxing out their daily actions. If the steps below do not work, please let me know.

    Your account can run some action; however, it’s not maxing out its daily views/interactions. We will apply an updated version to your dashboard for accounts with this issue, and as I stated, it can take up to 72 hours. Then once that’s done, you’ll be smooth sailing.


    Step 1: Turn off your location services for all applications, including Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Pages Manager.

    For iPhone users:

    For Android users:

    Step 2:  Go to Instagram account settings > Security > Login Activity

    Please make sure to delete all login activities except our IOS-based device that we’re working from.

    This would be the most recent logged-in device. At this point, you should only have two logins, our software and your device.

    Step 3: Wait 5-10 minutes, then try connecting your Instagram account again on your dashboard.

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