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    If you are having problems connecting your account to our dashboard, we have steps below you can follow to clear your history so you can connect your account to your dashboard! Sometimes it can take a couple of tries, so don’t get frustrated! We always get our clients to connect eventually.

    Our service is 100{f2af9982c57e366ec08276e4ceabe93a6ddda9b3a6a67f2b781d7342c47e0741} operational and at this moment one of the only services out on the market that’s providing real results without harming the standing of your Instagram account. Our success rate for client connections is 99.9{f2af9982c57e366ec08276e4ceabe93a6ddda9b3a6a67f2b781d7342c47e0741} so just keep on trying the steps below until you are connected.

    Some other things to take note of before connecting 

    1. You will most likely get a notification from Instagram asking about a login attempt. Make sure to have your phone by you and CLICK THIS WAS ME the 6 digit code is usually sent after you complete this step.
    2. Always refresh your page when trying to connect again.
    3. If you have connected your account in the past, please remove your account from the dashboard by clicking the 3 dots and clicking delete, then continue to add your account again.

    Turn Off Your Locations

    1. Turn off the location on your phone when logging in.
    2. Turn off the location on the Instagram application
      1. You can do this in the settings of your phone

      Go to Instagram account settings > Security > Login Activity

    Please make sure to delete all login activities except our IOS-based device that we’re working from.

    This would be the most recent logged-in device. At this point, you should only have two logins, our software and your own device.

    How To Troubleshoot & Connect Your Account

    1. Try connecting your account, if you received any sort of error, refresh your browser and try again.
    2. If the 6 digit code is not working, try doing phone or email confirmation. Refresh your page & try again,
    3. If it’s not working,  let it sit for 30minutes – 1hour & try again.
    4. Keep on trying every 1hr or 3-6 hours, it will work, trust us! Sometimes it takes some time just make sure to refresh your browser when you are trying to login. We’ll compensate for any delays to the end of your cycle when/if you cancel your subscription.

    After you do this, your all set, your account will be connected. Now you can set up a mass story engager.

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