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    Step 1: You must apply 50 hashtags first, make sure they have at least 500k tags (1million – 10 million work best)

    Step 2: Add additional targeting sources to maximize results; the more targets = more results

    Step 3: Apply usernames with at least 500k followers (1million – 10million work best)

    Step 4: You must add a minimum of 50 target sources to maximize your results; add as many as you want, though.

    Step 5: Test your targets! Accounts that have more followers & hashtags with more tags will get you better results.

    Targeting Sources Explained



    1. #Hashtags: anyone who uses a hashtag in their post
    2. Places: anyone who checks in to a location via a geotag
    3. Explore: posts that show up on the explore page
    4. Username (followers): anyone who follows your target
    5. Usernames (likers): anyone who likes a post from your target
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