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    WolfGrowth allocates a certain amount of storage space for storing your media files (Videos and Images). If you exhaust this storage, you might need to upgrade or delete some of the old media files from the library. This article explains how to delete images from your WolfGrowth media library.

    Media files can be deleted in two ways, single file delete or multiple file deletion.

    1. How to Delete a Single Image/Video

    To delete a Single Image, click on the 3 dots on the top-left side of the image and select the Delete option.

    How to Delete Multiple Images/Videos

    a. Place your cursor on the external storage icons, and you’ll see the Delete Mode icon

    b. Click on the icon, then select the images you wish to delete.

    c. Click on the Remove? Button to permanently delete the images/videos.

    Note: All unpublished posts that include the deleted media file will also be deleted and not published.

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