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    Here’s how to manage your Scheduled posts on WolfGrowth. You can edit an already scheduled post on WolfGrowth as long as it hasn’t been posted.

    Also, you can delete the post if you change your mind about posting the content, and you can also see the scheduled status if successful or not with the status log.

    Manage your scheduled posts:

    1. Go to Calendar

    2. Click on the scheduled date

    3. Here, you’ll find the scheduled posts for the day their status;

    In Progress – For posts that are yet to be published.

    Published – Posts that have been published

    Failed – Posts that have failed to publish.

    Edit a Scheduled Post

    To edit an already scheduled post that is yet to publish, click on the Post, and you’ll be able to edit the post (You can also edit a failed post by going through the same procedure).

    You can edit the scheduled time/date, change the media and caption of a scheduled post.

    Delete a Post

    Click the three dots at the top right of the post-media to delete the post.

    View Post Status

    If your post failed to publish, click on the post to see the reason behind the failure.

    Kindly contact us with the error message if it isn’t clear to you.

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