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    This article explains how you can successfully build and publish an Instagram story right from your WolfGrowth Dashboard.

    From the Add Post screen, click on Add Story. Then select the image/video that you’ll like to publish

    1. Click the Story Builder button to start building your story

    a. Hashtag – this lets you add any hashtag to your story

    b. Location – You can tag any location in your story

    c. Usertag – Tag any Instagram user in your story

    d. PollPoll – You can run a quick poll by asking a question with two option answers

    e. Link – You can add links to your Story (If you have over 10k followers).

    2. After adding any story options, you can position and re-arrange to suit your need.

    Note: To remove an option from your story, click on it and click the Undefine button.

    3. After editing your story, click on the Save button. This could take a few seconds, depending on the story content.

    4. Click the Schedule option to schedule or the Post Now option to publish Instantly.

    Note: Instagram Story doesn’t display properly on the PC. Kindly view from Mobile to see it in action.

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