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    Sending automatic direct messages to your new followers is one of the important aspects of your Instagram marketing. And this article explains how you can achieve this with WolfGrowth.

    How to Setup Mass DM

    1. Click on Mass DM in the dashboard

    2. Go to Messages

    3. Type your message in the box and click the ADD MESSAGE button. The Save

    Note: You can add an unlimited number of Messages. Do not forget to click the Add Message before Saving. SPINTAX is also supported.

    4. Now go to the settings tab.

    5. Select your speed settings and change the Status to Active.

    6. Change Deactivate to Activate and click the SAVE button to start the activity

    Pause Actions EverydayThis is an advantageous option that lets you pause your automation at a set period of the day. It is recommended to pause your activities at Midnight of your local time. This makes your activities look human enough.

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