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    TLDR: Your account is in good hands! 👌 It has not been compromised, and you will not have to change your Instagram password as long as you have only shared it with your WolfGrowth manager! 

    If you have received a prompt on Instagram asking you to change your password, you can relax!

    This message is being sent to all users who have logged in to Instagram via a third-party site and refers to sharing your password with third-party platforms. The message is meant to prevent users from buying artificial engagement in the form of likes or followers.

    WolfGrowth does not provide this type of service– we perform actions on your behalf to help you gain engagements organically while saving you time precious time. Therefore, our users are not affected by this warning and don’t need to change their passwords.

    If you have changed your password, you may have been disconnected from our servers. Please head over to your dashboard and click on “Update Password” to reconnect.

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