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    We also have added optional features as DM, which is advanced. In case you don’t wish to respond to the DM, you can select “Reply to pending DM requests” without writing anything, and it will mark those other DMs as liked and seen (also mutes them). You also have the option not to mark your existing approved and DM threads.

    • Reply to pending DM Requests: this will respond to all DM’s with the message you insert
    • Don’t like the last message of the approved DM request: it’s set to like the direct message you receive from another user, so if you want to disable this, check it the box.
    • Don’t mute approved DM threads: it’s set to mute the DM we responded to (you’ll receive a lot) so you don’t receive any push notification.

    Username & Full Name:

    Username & Full Name InsertsIf you want to use the user’s full name or username in a message response, you can use the codes below.


    Hey {{userame}} thanks for checking out our page, which means the world!
    Hey, {{full_name}} question for you, what’s your favorite color?

    How To Use Spintax:

    Don’t stress out about this. It can be complex at a first glance but it’s very simple.

    We recommend that you use spintax if you don’t know how to use spintax, here is an example.

    {{Thanks|Thank you}}, for {{getting in touch|the message}}, your offer, etc.

    Thanks for getting in touch, your offer, etc

    Thank you, for the message, your offer, etc

    Thanks, for the message, your offer, etc

    Thank you, for getting in touch, your offer, etc

    As you can see, it created 4 different messages from the spintax / phrases within {bracket | bracket}

    For best practice use this link for results

    Another Way To Spintax…

    If you want to put more than one message in that window and do not wish to use spintax you should use this format below:

    {Hi, how can I help you?

    |Hey, where are you from?

    |Hi, where you live?}

    Preset Spintax Examples:
    {{what’s going on | what’s good | how are you today | what’s up | what’s up}} {{username | full_name}} just wanted to {{stop by | drop in | message you back }} and say thanks for checking out our page. We hope you are staying safe & healthy during these times.

    Let me know if you have any questions about our store, brand, and accessories.

    Happy to help.  {{💲|💥|💨|🏆|👀|❗}}

    Can’t wait to {{ talk | connect | speak | message }}  {{username | full_name}} your page was awesome and I had to engage with it. Hope your staying safe! {{ Hit me back up | Respond back via dm | talk soon | looking forward to your response }}

    Hi  {{username | full_name}} thanks for {{checking out | viewing | visiting | showing an interest }} in our {{ IG page, | IG | Instagram account | Profile }} it means the world.

    Here’s a link to our website.
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