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    Don’t worry about this one if you get this message during the process. Give it a few hours, and then you can carry on the process. Instagram has its so-called API request limits, and they are no threats to your account. This is how Instagram’s system works.

    Also, “Feedback required” means Instagram says that you are spamming. Possible reasons:

    • You are trying to do things too fast (such as spammer-actions: liking/following/voting etc.; lots of random people in a concise time interval).
    • Instagram blocks the proxy/IP you are using as a “spammer proxy/IP.”We don’t tolerate accounts that don’t follow the instructions and cause of our proxy blockage since we use fresh private proxies for all our customers.

    The best solution is to pause the software for a few days and use the official Instagram app on mobile. It’s recommended to do some actions (ex: change profile pic, update info, post, etc.) in the official app and/or the official site these days. But this solution is not 100{f2af9982c57e366ec08276e4ceabe93a6ddda9b3a6a67f2b781d7342c47e0741} efficient.

    This error message comes directly from Instagram. It’s not related to our software. As we always inform users, high speeds are risky. We’re not responsible for any issue related to the Instagram accounts.

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